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Product Description


Avocado oil is well preserved, but it can’t be refrigerated in the refrigerator because some components will precipitate. It is very common for vegetable oils to appear slight turbidity at low temperatures, and some of them may even produce sediments.


These two characteristics can be regarded as good phenomena, which means that vegetable oils have not been refined in large quantities.

Avocado oil will coagulate at low temperatures – it is true that avocado oil will be solid at 0 C, but it will return to liquid at room temperature. Unrefined avocado oil is dark green. 


Function & Application


1. Avocado oil is an excellent skin softener.

2. When compared with other vegetable oil, avocado oil is known for its high seepage force into the epidermis.

3. avocado oil is highly valuable in flabby muscle and massage.

4. avocado oil has a good curative effect to repair the skin.

5. avocado oil was used to treat Raynaud’s disease.

6. avocado oil can moisture, soften, anti-wrinkle, and prevent early aging.

7. avocado oil is not only effective for dry skin but also effective for skin inflammation.


Packaging & Shipping




Shipping by Air

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Suitable Quantity

Under 25KG

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Shipment Time

3-10 Days

5-15 Days

15-45 Days

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Company Information

Factory Supply Avocado Oil Daily Fragrance Pure Natural Avocado Oil for Skin Care




1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer and welcome to visit our factory.


2. How to confirm the product quality before place an order?

A: We can provide you with a sample. Also, we have the inspection report issued by the authoritative third-party testing agency.


3: What’s your MOQ?

A: It depends on different products. We accept sample order. Also, for some products, we can provide you with a free sample.


4: Do you provide after-sales service?

A: We provide 24-hour customer service. If you encounter any product quality problems or transportation problems, please feel free to contact us


5: How about delivery time and method?

A: We usually ship within 3-5 working days after payments.

We can ship by sea, air, and express. It also can make door to door shipping.


6: How to solve the after-sale disputes?

A: We accept changing or refunding service if any quality problem.